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New Building Regulations Governing Electrical Work In the Home

The new building regulation Part P, effective since 1st January 2005, requires most electrical work in the home to be carried out by a government-approved electrician. Its aim is to stop the rising number of deaths from faulty electrics, much of which is undertaken by over ambitious DIY enthusiasts and cowboy electricians.

Under the new law, homeowners are still able to replace accessories such as light switches and sockets to an existing circuit, although there are exceptions for locations such as kitchens and bathrooms. An electrician registered under a government-approved scheme must undertake all other work. The alternative, for the person undertaking DIY, is to notify a local building control body before starting any work and pay the appropriate fee for an inspection and a certificate after work is completed. You can obtain more information about the new regulations at

Failure to comply could also make it difficult to sell your house in the future. Electrical installation certificates are likely to be included in the government's proposed home sellers' packs. These are designed to offer prospective buyers reassurance and peace of mind about the safety of homes being offered for sale.

We use an approved electrical company and we should be glad to put you in touch with them if you require any electrical works to be carried out.

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